Agrotexsys – Finalist of the March edition of iTechStyle Showcase

The suit that protects agricultural workers was selected as a finalist in the March edition of the iTechStyle Showcase.

This jumpsuit, developed to solve the problems of farmers in harvesting figs, was developed in partnership by Damel, Lemar, Oldtrading and Citeve – Project Agrotexsys, one of the projects of the Mobilizador Texboost.

An external layer was developed that works as a main protection against peaks and gloquids (present in cactus and prickly pear) and an internal layer that acts as a second skin, promoting thermal comfort and favoring freedom of movement.

The inner layer (set of pants and underwear for men and women), which works as a second skin, is a piece completely developed with seamless technology, very comfortable and with minimal seams and joints, very comfortable, with different structures located to provide greater breathability and thermal comfort, ensuring optimal thermal regulation.

The outer layer consists of a coverall with removable hood. It has good water repellency and mechanical resistance to perforation and tearing. Root textile structures were developed and two promising samples were defined with high tenacity and with positive performances in the resistance to tearing and perforation, fundamental against peaks and gloquids.

The jumpsuit has reinforced areas with the highest performance tear protection fabric and in the shoulder blades area it has an innovative ventilation increase system.

In addition to laboratory validation, the prototypes carried out were validated in a real environment at Cactácea, in Sesimbra, which supported this development from the beginning