Coldfit Moto

Coldfit bike is a protective equipment for bikers, with a removable thermal lining for greater functionality and adaptation to cold environments, and reinforcement of high-visibility through the incorporation of LEDs.

Composed of attractive shapes and colors and urban areas, elastic inserts and anatomical cuts, that provide proper setting for the anatomic morphology of the human body and the freedom of movement, multi-layer structures waterproof and breathable, waterproof seams with tape and glue joints. It also has ventilation systems to enhance breathability and moisture control.

The outer layer is resistant to abrasion and wear, and joining/fixing the system his pants to the jacket, offers comfort and thermal insulation. The detachable thermal Lining adds functionality and adaptation to cold environments.
Contains protective of shoulders, elbows, knees, hip and lumbar area-D30, according to EN ISO 1621.

COLDFIT bike was tested in accordance with EN and ASTM Térmico9 isolation (15831 2370 (Breathability).