In the early ’80s due to the high entrepreneurial spirit of the two managing partners, David Paiva and Amelia Samuel, was born this family business in Póvoa de Varzim.
Initially, DAMEL enters the market with a production of jeans (jeans) produced on the premises of the annex of the House of ground partners, with about of 250 m2 of covered area. In just over two years, doubled, building an upper floor, thus ensuring better working conditions reaching directly the labour aspect and Trustees, passing all of 6 to 30 employees.

Always having a spirit of doing more and better and looking ahead to major difficulties in the current work area, DAMEL initiates a conversion at the level of production, and invests in larger articles requirement in terms of quality. Emerges thus the manufacture of jackets and ski suits, an extremely technical and production line of high quality, leaving, in this way, a part of the internal market and export to several European countries and USA.

In the year 1989, DAMEL invests in current land purchase, in view of the growing stock of orders, comprising an area of 3600 m2, in the parish of Amorim, initially employing 60 workers and now has 160.

In 1988, the couple’s son, Victor P, after completing the course, is admitted to the society. In 1992 succeeds admission of daughter, Paula Paiva, who had just joined the University, taking his degree in accounting from Upper management.

In the year 1997 DAMEL, candidate a firm’s modernization project, which was approved by counting at present with all the productive area.

On 11 February 2002, DAMEL obtained the quality certificate, EN-02/CEP. 1648 according to norm NP EN ISO 9002/94, by the certifier APCER.

Its headquarters was established at Rua Manuel Dias No. 675, in the parish of Amorim, Póvoa de Varzim, Porto district, with a capital of 150 000 Euros.