SCS – Soldier Combat Systems

The Soldier Combat Systems program aims to provide the military with all combat equipment used in an integrated, incremental and open manner.

The SCS program covers three areas: lethality, survival, and command and control. In the scope of survival are included the uniforms and load systems.

The survival area aims to simplify the logistic channel and increase the survival capacity of the soldier, both avoiding his detention and equipping him with the uniform that gives him greater protection and performance. In this sense, the objective of this project was the development of new uniforms (underwear set, combat uniform, waterproof set and combat boots) and loading systems (assault knapsacks, hydration system and first aid bag).

Damel made the confection of the combat uniform and the waterproof set.

The consortium is composed of Damel, Citeve, Lavoro, Montecampo, Riopele and Portuguese Army.

See video here.